Life Tabernacle New Life Saturday School is a Supplementary School which has been running since 1995
We firmly believe that our present project will greatly assist our children in attaining standards above the national average, by encouraging and motivating them to perform better. Enhanced exposure to IT will improve their confidence and lead to further quality performance. The children will thus be better able to access the wider educational curriculum and accelerate their learning.
When our children grow older, we see them entering the workforce as educated, skilled and competent adults with confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance, making a net contribution to society rather than being a burden on it. Your input will provide the means to achieve that.
Our mission statement: We exist to strengthen, build and equip children to achieve their full potential by enhancing their spiritual,  moral, social and cultural development 
Our vision: We aim to provide not only supplementary education but also to establish a full time school providing education for age 3-18 years as well as English for overseas students
Our belief statement: We believe that through a commitment to see every child establish lifelong habits of honesty, hard work and a willingness to overcome, they will succeed
We firmly believe that we have to pay our teaching staff standard teaching rates if we are to retain their loyalty and maintain their commitment.
It is our long term goal is to eventually establish a full time school, in which case it will be necessary to establish permanent premises and secure funding.
Remedial Maths: we aim to cover four topics (from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, money, fractions, decimals, percentages, shapes and space, lines and angles, lengths, perimeters, areas, volume, graphs and charts and letters for numbers ) each term with mental arithmetic and times tables covered weekly.
Remedial English: We aim to cover spelling with handwriting, grammar with composition and comprehension once a month with a test at the end of the month.
English for beginners: Basic conversation: names of everyday objects, family members, greeting someone, introducing yourself, saying where you are from, asking questions, asking directions and buying things from shops.